We had just TWO trick-or-treaters! I’m actually excited about it, because that brings our total to nine over the past seventeen years!
We live a little off the beaten path. We have a very long, unpaved driveway that is not lighted. On a dark night, it’s a spooky place for younger kids. The older kids are more pragmatic about their candy collection. Why go up this long dark driveway, when you could hit four or five nearby houses in the same amount of time?
We did some decorating for Halloween, but I didn’t go all out this year. I had spiderwebs, and a black cat (or two….Edward Scissorhands wouldn’t want me to forget him!), garlands, and a ghost with noisy tin cans at the door. One of the things I like the best about this season is the return to candle light. I collect hurricanes and candle holders, and I tend to use them during the fall and winter. I bought scented pillar candles that smell like cinnamon or pumpkin pie or sandalwood, and I’ve been lighting them in the evening
I’m going to have to do one more scarecrow before we leave this house. I’ll set him on a bale of hay, and put a bunch of cornstalks behind him, and pumpkins at his feet. The squirrels and chipmunks will be thrilled! *G*
Today, I need to collect some of the Halloween stuff to be boxed up, and distribute Fall and Thanksgiving things. I need to change the outfit on Elegante Mother’s cement goose. Right now, she looks like a witch. She gets a dress with fall colored leaves for the next two weeks, followed by a Pilgrim outfit for Thanksgiving. We must be appropriately dressed for the holiday!
And with that, I must be on my way. It’s time for Exercise!

3 thoughts on “TWO!!

  1. what do you mean you’re going to have to do one more scarecrow before you leave this house? have i missed something?

  2. No, No, bod…..We’re not scheduled to leave any time soon. I’m still fretting about the huge increase in the tax base for the house, because it means we won’t stay here to retire. It’s really a shame, because I love it here, and I’m not looking forward to moving.
    This is the kind of house that needs a scarecrow in the yard and lots of people coming to visit and party!

  3. You will have to take pictures of the goose dressed as a witch (and the other costumes thru the seasons. I’ll bet it is really something to behold!

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