Over the last week of February and the first week of March, Dear Husband and I spent ten days in Florida. We had really looked forward to getting away. DH needs to be spared from the Chicago area hard winters, given that he works construction, and each year he has the opportunity to play in the memorial golf tourney which is named for his son. This year, we flew in and spent the first four days in the Orlando area. We went to Disney with our granddaughters and their parents, and then, Sunday, we headed for the Florida Keys.
I’d never been further south than Cape Canaveral, or Siesta Key. It was roughly a five to six hour drive from Orlando to Key Largo, and we stopped halfway to refill the gas tank. DH must have felt we needed to refill our tanks too, because he stopped at a McDonald’s for lunch. We were getting ready to order when I realized that three sand hill cranes were walking across the lawn at the front of the building. Perhaps they needed to top off their tanks before beginning the trek north. I’m sure these birds were very clear that they could get hand outs at Mickey D’s.
Sand Hill Cranes for Blog 2.JPG
We weren’t giving the handouts. In fact, we did not feed ANY wildlife while we were there, despite a lot of opportunity.
P.S. I didn’t get my bird book out to make sure I have the species right. If I’m wrong, I hope Bogie or Cop Car will set me straight.