I didn’t realize it had been a month since I last posted. We are still in the land of the living, doing a lot of the things that we do each Fall.
I am still getting the house ready to sell, but we have pushed back the date for putting it on the market to next March or April.
Dear Husband is going to get a new knee in November, and then will have to go through four to six weeks of physical therapy. Hopefully he will be able to help me organize the basement this winter.
I had the landscaper come in and re-seed an area of the lawn that died this summer. We have grass! I was a Doubting Thomas. I didn’t think that seed was ever going to germinate, but it’s come in nice and full. I also had them plant two gorgeous hydrangeas, an Endless Summer shrub rose and two hostas. I plan to add three more hostas next year.
Tomorrow I’ll be adding dirt around the iris that are trying to lift out of the ground, and I’ll mulch the rest of the bed at the front of the house. Later in October the landscaper will return to help me put the gardens to bed for the winter.
We had new faucets installed in the master bath, and the kitchen. Yea! Looking good.
Scraps on a Mission, the little group I manage which makes quilts for charity has made FIFTY ONE small quilts since February. They run from small baby quilt sizes to large lap quilts. We are also going to provide quilts for Facing Forward, a shelter, and will make larger quilts for them next year. I’m sure our founder, Mary Rinn, would be so pleased to see how well we’ve done.
This weekend we are celebrating our second grand daughter’s fifth birthday. I wish I had some of her energy! She runs non-stop. We’ve agreed not to post pictures of the girls, so I’ll just have to tell you that she has the most beautiful dark hair, and her eyes light up her face. It should be a fun afternoon.
Dear Husband is getting the sailboat ready to be hoisted out of the lake. He still has about two weeks of time left to sail, but part of that will be taken up getting the boat ready for winter storage. It’s a sign of his dedication to sailing that he continued to sail despite a painful knee. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him spending some weekday time on the boat this coming week.
It looks as though our business will officially close at the end of this year. We’re finishing the last of the jobs, collecting income, paying bills, and arranging for the disposal of the equipment. It feels really odd after all these years to be closing our doors, but I’ve really been enjoying the chance to spend more time with Dear Husband. *S*
I had a chair upholstered. I got a new perm. I went to the Sandwich Antiques Fair with My-Sister-The-Nurse. We’re getting ready to make a trip in October to visit my sister, Frankie, and her family. We’re going to be celebrating Frankie’s youngest daughter’s birthday. I’ve been taking a friend from exercise to the Farmer’s Markets in the area, and he suggested that I might want to try the Orange Tomato Soup featured on “The Chew.” We’re going to try it tomorrow.
And I think that may be most of my September news. Hopefully, I’ll have pictures to share in the future. I hope you’re all well, and enjoying the Fall weather