The Kliban Cup

Many moons ago, more than twenty five of them, perhaps as many as thirty five of them, there were two nieces and two nephews who went shopping for their aunt. At the time the Kliban Cat with the red sneakers was very popular. These four wonderful children purchased a desk set, two pillow cases and a mug that all were decorated with the red-sneakered cat.
Over time, the desk set has been packed away or lost, but the remaining pieces, the pillow cases and the mug were still seeing regular use. Unfortunately, this week, the mug slipped from my hands and the handle broke!
Kliban Cup for Blog.JPG
I was tempted to keep the body of the mug, because I’ve had so many years of enjoyment from it, but I’m at the time of my life when it’s time to simplify, so I bit the bullet and set it out in the garbage.
Thank you, Lynn, Andy, Terri and Steve for a gift that lasted for ages!
And thanks for the grins! Whenever I want to get a rise from your uncle, I put the cat pillow cases on our pillows! *G*

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