Summer Reading

I have a STACK of books waiting on me. More than I can read in August. I might have to save a few for this Fall, and I’m not complaining.
In the next entry, you’ll see a comment about the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. One of my on-line friends introducted me to these books, and I have gobbled them up! There are ten books at the moment. Each title has a number. The last was “Ten Big Ones.”
Steph is a crazy character. If I had stumbled onto the first book when it first came out, and had to wait for each succesive book to be written, it would have been a terrible trial. My mother has been reading the books, too. As I finish one, I hand it over, and the discussion in the house has been along the lines of….”I wish she’d make up her mind whether it’s going to be Ranger or Morelli!” (having to do with her obsession for two men) or “Don’t tell me….I’d rather read the book!”
Evanovich has created two of the funniest characters I’ve ever read, Grandma Mazur and Sally Sweet. Grandma is a very modern lady who believes that NO one should ever have a closed casket wake (and is willing to go to great lengths to see the dearly departed). She is also likely to be in the midst of a discussion at the beauty parlor about personal firepower. I learned a lot about guns in these books! *G* Sally Sweet is a male musician who also happens to wear dresses, and drive a school bus.
You’ve got to read these. Go to the library, or visit Amazon. Share the books with everyone you know who reads. That’s my summer tip for you.
Other books waiting for me:
“Kiss Me WHile I Sleep,” by Linda Howard
“Angels and Demons,” by Dan Brown
“Digital Fortress,” by Dan Brown
“Crime Schoo,l” by Carol O’Connell
“Heaven, Texas,” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Nobody’s Baby but Mine”, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
and “Sick Puppy,” by Carl Hiaasen.
There are actually a couple of others, but I can’t remember the titles, and I’ll probably read these first. It’s really too bad that I have to WEED! I could spend my days eating bon bons and reading. Now, go read the next post.

12 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Have you tried “Breathing Room” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips? I have to admit that it’s the only book be SEP that I’ve ever read but I did enjoy it. Just to suggest extending your pile of books!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Janet Evanovich. Her books are really funny and great fun to read.
    Where it is 18.29 NOT 13.29

  3. I just finished the third book in CS Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy (I’ve read the series before, and was re-reading it), last night. To tell you how little reading time I have had, I started the 1st book of the series at the same time I started my new job – 2 1/2 months ago.

  4. Having been “sensitized”, I saw Evanovich’s “To the Nines” at the library, yesterday, and read it last night. It was a hoot. Not my normal fare, but a hoot. Unfortunately, all of the other Evanovich books were out circulating. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. Cop Car, the Stephanie Plum books can stand alone, but Evanovich builds her characters and expands on the goofiness from book to book. And the situation with Ranger and Morelli grows from book to book, so I’d read them in order if opportunity allowed.
    Bogie, thanks for suggesting the Coldfire Trilogy. I’ll have to look for it. I’ve been stealing reading time where ever I can, but it isn’t always easy to squeeze it in. Take a bubble bath and take a book with you! *G*
    Adele, I’ve read several of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books. I’ll have to check to see if “Breathing Room” is one of them.
    And I forgot to mention that I have a Ken Follett book to read, too. “Code….” something It seems that codes are all the rage these days thanks to Dan Brown.

  6. I’ll follow your suggestion, Buffy, and have the Evanovich books put on “hold”, starting with the first one. You smooth talker, you!

  7. No, Bogie…it looses something in translation! lol I can see you with a book in a ziplock bag…

  8. Now that I have the visual of the Ziplock, that’s probably all I’ll think about in the shower this morning (well, I’ll take some time out to see if the spider in the corner is descending upon me – but mostly I’ll be thinking about Ziplocks).

  9. Bogie (swinging a watch back and forth)….your eyes are getting heavy……you’re getting sleepy…..
    That’s it…, Bogie, you’re going to pursuade WS to redo the bathroom and add a whirlpool….tell him that it will be good for his aching muscles, when he’s been working outside all day….
    When I snap my fingers, you won’t remember this conversation, but you’ll rush right out to collect tile samples. (Snap)

  10. Adele….I was cleaning out the bookcase today and discovered that I have both the hardback and the paperback of “Breathing Room.” It’s next on my list to read.
    I suspect the books were donated by Mother when she couldn’t find room for them on her shelves.

  11. Bogie….now that you have the visual of the ziplock….tell me. How did you turn the pages without getting them wet??

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