Subbing for My Exercise Guru

I am delighted to be invited to fill in for our exercise guru when she has to be away. I’ve filled in here and there, generally doing one class every two months to satisfy our employers. I use the music she provides and recreate the exercises she’s done. I don’t add anything new to the sessions, I just keep us moving while our Guru is away.
For the very first time, our Guru has decided to take 10 days off just for herself. She arranged to take a yoga seminar with some friends in New Mexico, and then her husband flew in to spend the rest of the vacation with her. They wanted to see Sedona and other parts of the area. So, I am leading FIVE classes in a row!
Usually I do a set of exercises that I am familiar with, but for some off the wall reason, I decided to try to recreate her current session, which meant learning to call four new cardio songs. Things went surprisingly well on Monday. On Wednesday, I goofed in a place that was unexpected, but recovered. On Friday, we’re exercising along, and the music was still playing when I had called all the moves for that song……wait……WHAT SONG!?? I did the breathing exercises, and totally skipped the warmup. We were doing the first cardio to the wrong music! All I could do was laugh. Those around me who realized what was wrong were smiling. No one complained, when I lead them through that set of exercises a second time.
I figure that no one else wants the responsibility of charting the exercises, so they are willing to let me play with the class. I’m going to return to my earlier program for the last two sessions, and just have fun with the class.
Thanks, Guru! I hope you had a great vacation!