Storms Coming

Today started really well, and I have high hopes for the rest of the day, despite the rain that is coming our way. The weather forecasters are uncertain whether the showers will slide in this afternoon, or this evening, but we can expect rain for several days.
Gentle Dragon, our exercise guru, is off to visit one of her daughters for a long weekend. We had a sub today who has a slightly different style. I think it disturbs her that we aren’t shouting back encouragement, so she does it for herself. She paces the exercise differently. There’s rarely a break in movement, while GD has us keep stepping between songs. There’s nothing wrong with the way the sub handled the class, nothing at all. But she isn’t Gentle Dragon.
The ladies and gentlemen in my class have become very fond of GD, but it took us a while to develop that relationship. Our sub seems to feel that she can come in and have instant relationship, and it just hasn’t worked that way. Class was full today, but I think that might have been because we were all meeting for breakfast after class, to celebrate the March birthdays. *G* (Yeah….we exercise and then we eat!)
I was up at five this morning, doing a little housework and getting ready for exercise. Elegante Mother is a little under the weather, so we let her skip exercise this morning and sleep in. She’s had a little tummy upset, which in turn has kept her from sleeping well. I think she’ll be fine tomorrow, and we’ll just pretend it isn’t raining.
I’m going to steal some time to sew today, and pay some bills. The house is clean, so there aren’t any chores calling to me. It seems like the perfect day to vege out!
Dear Husband has volunteered his talents to one of my nephews, who is working on finishing a basement fireplace. If it weren’t raining, I might have told my nephew he’d have to wait, because I have a long list of outside chores that require Dear Husband’s help. As it is, I’ll have to hope that we get a dry weekend before boating season starts, that isn’t taken up with boat preparation.
The forsythia is GORGEOUS!. We’ve left it in the arching “fountain” style, and the gold just glows against the gloomy skies. I have my youngest sister, Nan, and her husband to thank for planting it. I’d purchased it, and had delayed getting it into the ground. One visit, they simply picked up the forsythia and a shovel, and had it planted in 15 minutes! Thank you, Nan, for saving the shrub and giving me years of spring enjoyment!
So, my day is filled with average, run of the mill things, but I’m really enjoying it. I hope you all have a good weekend!