Spring has Sprung!

I’ve been composing posts in my head for the past two weeks as Spring has flowed over us.  We have gone from below average temps to astonishing heat, to average temperatures.  You know what they say….if you don’t like Chicago weather, just wait five minutes.

I’ve begun seeing herons and egrets, but not in large numbers.  It seems a few hearty souls arrive early, and the rest wait for warmer weather.  Dear Husband was sitting in the kitchen and told me that I had just missed a heron sailing over the house.  I got to see Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck, waddling around the corner of the house, most likely after they had checked out the seed below the bird feeders.  The jays have been shrill, the cardinals yacky, and the red-wing black birds chided me for being in the herb garden when they wanted to eat.

The daffodils were spectacular this year.  And, of course, my camera has been out of commission because we have misplaced the battery charger.  The star magnolia was luminescent!  It was so lovely, and the Lynwood Gold forsythia was a beautiful contrast to it’s creamy white petals.  It looked like it had snowed when the petals dropped.  The peonies are about a foot tall.  Dear Husband has put the support rings out.  I’ll need to give a few of the branches a little guidance to find their way into the rings, tomorrow.

The tulips have been lovely, bridging the gap between the daffodils and the later spring bloomers like the iris.  I realized that the lilies of the valley leaves are carpeting the ground below the birch at the corner of the house.  I’ll check tomorrow to see if there are any blooms yet.  The rose, and hydrangeas are leafing out, the snowbells are in bloom and the hostas are pushing up into the light.

I spent an hour or so in the herb garden.  I pruned back the deadwood on the sage, and then dug up volunteers in the walkway.  I need to go back and rake out the dead plants.  I cleared an area in the center box and planted a chive plant that was getting leggy in the kitchen sink window.  I think after this coming weekend I’ll start moving the geraniums in and out until they have become accustomed to the sun and heat.

We’re falling into our warm weather habits.  Spring has sprung!