Soon to be gone

Resized  Exterior 1


Resized Exterior 2 Resized Exterior 3 Resized Office branch


This branch in the office is the only place that was damaged on the first floor.  There are at least three more branches in the attic.

TResized shot from inside

This was no little tree.  The tree service is working on it now, so that we can get the roof covered.  What you can’t see is the star magnolia that has been obliterated by the tree.


4 thoughts on “Soon to be gone

  1. HH sends his good wishes. He said, “Well, that’s good!” when I told him about your not having rain damage. Whew!

  2. Yes, we were lucky! Once they removed the tree they were able to tell us that there are nine holes in the roof. A young man came tonight to put a plywood patch over them to hold us until the restoration can be done. We’ll have to encourage them to get going so that we can put the house back on the market. Tell HH we said, “Thanks!”

  3. Oh my – that must have been harrowing and nerve wracking! I’m sorry your house was damaged and you lost the magnolia, but very glad no one was hurt!

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