Silly Bird!

I have an office with two windows. Under the windows there are two lateral files, and siting on the file cabinets is a Wheelwriter typewriter. Edward Scissorhands, my old cat, has taken to sleeping on the typewriter. It’s covered with a quilted cover, and sits in a sunny spot in the morning. I can kinda understand his choice.
This spring, we have had a rufous sided towhee visiting at the window. This little bird thinks he can see his competition in the window, so there’s lots of posturing, and pecking at the glass, and flying up parallel to the window pane.
When the cat discovers the bird is there, he goes into instant hunting mode. I’ve been worried that he’s going to hurt his nose on the screen, and yesterday I had to move a geranium that has been grown in that window, lest he break off the branches.
My brother has a cardinal that is in love with his own image in the right rear-view mirror of one of his trucks. I’ve heard of other birds who couldn’t be persuaded that it was just a reflection.
If this little bird isn’t careful, Ed will find him one day, and that will be the end of the posturing.

3 thoughts on “Silly Bird!

  1. We had a Guneai Hen that thought our back window was a love interest. We have since removed the window, but the memory still evokes chuckles!

  2. My picture windonw in the front has bird feathers on one side and dog nose prints on the other.

  3. (snickering at ‘love interest’) Yeah…it’s not all defending territory, is it? lol
    Somehow, Frankie, I don’t think Sydney is in love with the doggie in the window. He’s more likely in love with the food on the table just past the window! *G*

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