Role Reversal

I’m aware this morning of all those years when I was the one who got to stay curled up in the covers as Dear Husband went off to work!

DH  and his partner owned a masonry business for more than a quarter of a century.  When he was younger he could sleep ’til the last moment and then make a run for it, but as we got older, and our bodies needed concessions, it got to the point where my husband was getting up at 4:30 in the morning to be able to be the first person on the job site.

As he left the dressing room for the day, he would walk to the bed, and either levitate me, or give me a morning kiss for the day.  He never fails to give me that quick smooch before parting for the day.  It had to be tough on him, expecially on winter mornings, when it was still dark out, and he knew he would be heading into terribly cold temperatures, to leave me curled up in the bed, but I think I can count the number of days he overslept on one hand.

So, now it’s my turn.  I have to get up between 6:15 and 6:30 to make it to exercise on time.  On the days that I lead exercise, I often get up much earlier so that I’m sure the classroom is ready and my notes are in place.  I thought about all those years Dear Husband was the one to rise early, and find I can’t begrudge him the chance to sleep in.

He was so cute this morning. *G*

6 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Good for you; but wow! How different your mornings from mine, Buffy.

    Barring illness, during our working years, I don’t recall ever sleeping in while Hunky Husband charged off to work. For the first 19 years (our first marriage), there was always, at the very least, breakfast to fix for him and the girls until they got old enough to share the fun – even after I started working for pay in January 1974. I remember, frequently, arising at 4:00am to have a bit of time for my own pursuits – such as studying manuals while earning my pilot’s license!)

    Only in our second marriage has HH taken responsibility for fixing and eating (or not) his own breakfast – partly because we did not live together for four of the years, partly because I worked for 11 years after HH retired (during which time he would frequetly be the one who got the goodbye smooch while still abed), and partly for the change in HH’s attitude (he no longer takes being waited on hand-and-foot as his “right” – a welcome “improvement” in my book!) Ah, but, now I sleep in until 7:30am if I want. Such luxury!

  2. Although willing, I haven’t had the chance to cook breakfast for others often. DH left too early on work days, and wanted to be in charge of his own meals on weekends. My Mother preferred to have toast and coffee for breakfast, and she fixed her own, mostly. When the kids were with us, either DH cooked for them, they had cereal, or they chose to sleep in and make lunch the first meal of the day.

    My youngest sister has shared her fabulous breakfast casserole recipes with me, and I’d love to cook breakfast I have fruit compotes, and home made jellies and jams. I know how to do basted eggs, and all sorts of other eggs, frittattas, quiche, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, or quick breads. No takers.

    I could sleep in if I wanted to, but I find myself waking before 6:00, even when I want to sleep in! That’s what happened this morning. We set the alarm for 7:00 and I just couldn’t stay asleep.

    There’s a lot to be said about how much you can get done early in the morning when no one needs your attention! *G*

  3. While unemployed I got to stay snuggled in bed while WS went to work. He was always very considerate, trying not to wake me while finding his work clothes in the dark. Even the dogs got into the habit of not waking me to be fed (it used to be that Prince would start the moaning and groaning, I’m gonna starve to death, routine at 4 AM – if I wasn’t already up by then).

  4. Well…and we all know that being abed is not the same as being asleep! Waking at 4:00am or 5:00am is not unusual for any of us, I suspect. Digging ourselves out of bed may be a different matter for those of us who can afford the luxury.

    Buffy–Who said that those breakfast foods had to be served at o’dark thirty? They would make a wonderful lunch or dinner, in my book. Although…I wouldn’t be able to sell the concept to Hunky Husband. I seem to recall that a wonderful breakfast can be enjoyed from the leftovers in your fridge!

  5. Bogie, how fortunate you are to have animals that will let you sleep in. I’m not sure that my pets would have been able to wait on me. Dear Husband was always there to let them out early.

    Cop Car, as I recall, I didn’t have to worry about left overs accumulating when you visited. I’ve never seen someone enjoy leftovers for breakfast as you did. Too bad all guests can’t be as wonderful as you!

    Personally, breakfast foods make fine dinners in my book. We might actually do that occasionally, now that DH has retired. I want to do dinner at mid-day, and something lighter later . Soups, salad, sandwiches, or breakfast would work!

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