Quick notes

HI, all! I have just the quickest of notes to share with you before I fling myself into bed, to sleep fast.
First, Happy Anniversary, Nan and Hubby! My youngest sis is out celebrating her 20th anniversary tonight. I hope there are many more lovely celebrations to come.
Second, for those of you who have been so kind to write and ask, as of this writing, Elegante Mother seems to be doing well. We have the first appointment of the morning with her doc, for a follow-up to last week’s hospital visit. Doc is likely to adjust her medications. She has been off all but three of them, so that he can get a better idea of just what she needs.
Following the office visit, Elegante Mother is supposed to have her hair and nails done. I’d like to take her to JoAnne Fabrics, for a little shopping, but that might just be pushing things a bit much. I’ll have to let her make the call.
We had rain! YEA!!!!!!!!!! Once Mother Nature soaked the ground for me, I weeded the day lily bed along the south side of the house, so that the day lilies would have the sun they need to bloom. I don’t know what those darned weeds are, but they propagate by stolon underground, and grow to four feet tall, and bloom with a little yellow dandelion-like flower. They are the bane of my existence!
We’re supposed to have a chance for more thunderstorms later Thursday, and Friday, tapering off Saturday morning. I’m all for it! We’re desperate for precipitation here. It’s not even summer (well not for another twenty minutes), and I’m already getting tired of watering! I water the old-fashioned way, with a hand held hose and watering wand, or a watering “can.”
I’ve been chained to the office desk for a couple of days this week, and I’ve even FILED! I can see half of my desk top! And I’ve even worked my way far enough down my To-Do list that I’m going to run smack into some of the projects that have been waiting for my attention forever! Not too shabby if I say so myself.
Those of you who crochet, go visit Janet at “Life in Westcliff,” and see about donating a crocheted granny square.
And with that, I gotta hit the hay. Five o’clock is going to come MUCH too early tomorrow.
I hope you’re all doing well!