My Absence

A really great blogger would come up with all sorts of fantastic lines about where she had been, and would weave fantasies of the time spent away from the keyboard, drawing you in to celebrate the time spent off-line. But, you know me, ever fact oriented.
I’ve been busy. Really busy. I think all the time of things I’d like to post, but until I get a secretary, my posting is going to be hit or miss.
I’m here today because I’ve come down with an upper respiratory thing that is limiting what I can do. Playing and working on the computer, and reading seems to be the limit at the moment. Luckily, I may have passed the worst of it, or at least I hope so. My-Sister-The-Nurse called to talk with me today, checking up on me. Her best advice was that if it hasn’t cleared up in a couple of days, I need to see the doc. Good advice, I’m sure, and I’ll take Dear Husband with me, as he’s ill now, too.
I looked to see when I posted last, and it was April 27th, my youngest sister’s birthday. Since then, I have had 30 friends from exercise over for a potluck brunch, my quilting bee met, the Arr!! has been put into Lake Michigan, and we have celebrated my oldest granddaughter’s eight’s birthday.
Now, those things do not make for being “really busy.” The other part of the story is that we are going to sell our house. I have been boxing everything that we don’t need for day to day life. I have worked on our private bath and dressing area, the guest rooms, the linen closets, the mudroom pantry and the BOOKSHELVES. My God, who knew how many boxes of books and tapes and DVDs and CDs we own!!!
I believe that I can finish the “non-necessary” packing for all but the kitchen, the studio and the office with one day’s good work. The kitchen will have to be done a few cabinets at a time. There’s just too much to sort through and box up. Besides, the pantry scares me!
I started this project working in the basement. I sorted through holiday decorations, boxed up those I wanted to keep, and divided the rest between garage sale fodder and garbage. We had the Rent-a-Teens come to visit, and they helped by carrying all the garbage up to the garage, and bringing the book boxes to storage in the basement. One girl spent two and a half hours breaking down boxes and organizing them for recycling pick-up. Unfortunately, the basement is going to take a LONG time to finish. I wonder if I could get Heracles to help me…
I hope to be ready to have the house videoed by the end of the month, and open our doors to prospective buyers in July. All this depends of course on how much we can accomplish, and that depends on being able to overcome the gunk we’re dealing with.
I hope that you are all busy, enjoying the summer weather, and WELL! I’ll come check on you.

4 thoughts on “My Absence

  1. So, that’s what it takes to get you back to your blog – a bug!
    Sounds like you have made great strides in clearing the decks for your sale. It can be so sad preparing to move – like reading the last chapter of an absorbing book.
    Hope you and your DH whip the bug on schedule. I’m surprised that your DH hasn’t prescribed breezes across the deck of the Arr!! for his therapy. He must be sick!

  2. We both saw the PA today, Cop Car, and she put us on some medication to clear our lungs and, hopefully, steer us away from pneumonia. It’s a relief to be breathing a little easier.
    It took me a year to come to grips with the fact that we need to sell, and several more months to finally reach out to the realtor. I’ve had about nine weeks to box things up so far, but I haven’t used my time wisely. I’ll get back to it very shortly. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying every moment we have left.
    DH swears by drinking orange juice and being outside, and you know that it doesn’t take anything at all to get him on the ARR!! He’ll be sailing this weekend. I may try to commune with our gardens.

  3. I am tentatively planning a trip up after the 20th for a few days. Tentataively because I don’t know what interviewing I’ll be doing, but once we’re up there (hoping to bring Becca) you can use us to help pack or pretty up – either way.

  4. It will be wonderful to see you. I hope your interviewing goes well. I need to talk with you to see if you’ve heard anything about the closest and farthest jobs. I really feel out of the loop and hope you’ll bring me up to speed.

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