My Dear Husband

It’s been a difficult week.  Dear Husband had trouble sleeping Monday night and ended up sleeping in a recliner in the living room.  He’d had “some discomfort” in his chest and sitting up made him feel better.  Tuesday night I went off to do that darned sleep test, so we were apart.  When I saw him Wednesday morning, he said he’d had another tough night.  We went to exercise, and when we came home, I reminded him to call the doc to make an appointment.

When he described to them what was bothering him, the doc said, “GO TO THE ER!!”  We had lunch and I drove him to the ER.

After six hours in the Emergency Room, DH was admitted to the hospital.  Thursday  they did a phalanx of tests, one of which was an angiogram.  In the midst of that test they decided to insert a stent.  One of the arteries was 90% closed, and the other was 80% closed.  His kidneys are not very tolerant of the dye, so the second stent will be done on Tuesday

The docs are using the three day holiday weekend to observe DH, and to continue collecting test results, so he’s cooling his heels and everything else in a very expensive hospital bed.

I’m confident the doctors are going to make a huge difference in his life.  I’m confident that he is going to feel MUCH better, and that I will have him around  for a while longer, but I’m not kidding myself that we are out of the woods yet.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this coming Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “My Dear Husband

  1. I am so glad your DH called the doctor – that is nothing to mess around with. sending good thoughts and prayers your way in hopes he makes a quick, complete recovery!

    • Thank you, Bogie! He seems to be doing well, and I have every reason to expect that he will be even better following the second procedure. Just one more day to get through at the hospital and we can move forward.

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