I am being besieged by pop ups!  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!  I tried to respond to Cop Car’s last comment, which was to wish my Dear Husband a Happy Birthday, and each time I clicked on “Reply,” or on “Post a Comment,” it took me to a family tree ad.  I finally logged out of the program and then back on to add a new post.

There’s a similar interruption at AARP.  If I try to play Mahjong Dimensions the pop ups are so numerous that I can’t play the game.

I assume that I have downloaded some bogus software that is taking over my computer.  I’ve called out to a friend who is very computer savvy.  I may need to put the computer in his hands for a while, to weed out whatever is wrong.

Cop Car, I passed on your wishes for a Happy Birthday.  DH sends his thanks.  He went soaring again today.  Although it was partly cloudy, they went up, this time a full mile.  He got the first of his lessons.  He’s definitely going to go for a license.

Wish us luck taking back control of our computer!

4 thoughts on “Irritation

  1. OK, Buffy: Good luck! I’m happy to hear that your DH is pursuing his license. What’s holding YOU back?!!!!

    • Actually, Cop Car, I plan to get a license, too, but neither of us will be able to do anything about it until the season resumes next spring. I need to loose some weight. I fit in the cockpit, but getting out is a problem. I can work on it this winter, and see if things are easier when I’m a bit lighter.

  2. Is that flying license? Maybe you mentioned it somewhere else and I don’t remember. Anyway, good luck to him!

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