I Did Something Good…

…for myself, yesterday. I had a mammogram, a dexa test, and a pap smear. I know….two of the most unpleasant tests women have to do, and I did them on the same day. But it went well. I had a radiation tech who really knew her business, and I think she may have taken just six “pictures.” That I’m not sure of the number is a testament to how well she did.
Last year, I went to a different facility, and was roughly pulled around and smashed into position TEN TIMES!! I vowed never to go to that facility again. This time, I was in the same building as my doctor, just steps away from my next test. I think I may write a letter of commendation for the technician, because she did a phenomenal job.
Then, I had a visit with my doc, who did the pap smear. She is incredibly deft. I tend to dread this test because I’ve had doctors who apparently didn’t know their anatomy, but this doctor is very good. I prefer having a woman do the test. I’m sure you know all the reasons. It seems to me that someone who has the same plumbing as I do, responds differently to this test than those who don’t. I’m not guy-bashing. I am just more comfortable having a woman do the test.
The results won’t be in for a bit. The tests have to be read, and then the results shipped to my doctor. Finally, someone from the office has to mail the information to me, so I don’t expect to know the results for a couple of weeks. That’s okay….I can wait.
I’ve scheduled fasting blood tests for both Elegante Mother and myself in June. I’ve been talking with Joy, at The Joy of Six, about weight loss and exercise, and how difficult it is to get yourself into the groove on things that will make your life better. I told her that I may use the coming blood tests as a focal point to try to improve my diet. Perhaps if I have a specific goal that isn’t so overwhelming, I might have more success. We can hope!
And…..I had a tetanus shot! Since I’m playing around in the dirt, and Lord knows what’s in that dirt after getting a new roof put on the house, and adding compost made elsewhere, it seemed like a good idea to get that shot.
Am I ready for summer? I sure hope so. At least I don’t have those tests hanging over my head, and I can get on with things!

9 thoughts on “I Did Something Good…

  1. It sounds as if Tuesday was one of those days when you get rid of all those things that are hanging over you and need to be done but you keep on putting off. Very efficient of you. I’m glad that they weren’t too nasty for you – I have to admit that they are things I loath having done to me and I would have to speak firmly to myself to make sure that they do get done.

  2. well done buffy! what’s a dexa test?
    i can totally get where you’re coming from about having a woman do them too.
    one of my favourite comedians has a joke he tells…
    you can tell God is a man,
    i mean, if you’re a bloke, you’re born with a finger up your nose and a hand down your pants and you just get bigger (!)
    but if you’re a woman….well, you have the whole inconvenience of having to actually SIT on the toilet to pee, the puberty thing, childbirth, menopause and then, just when you think it’s all over, BAM! God gives you a beard!

  3. I don’t have to tell you how proud I am of you do I Buffy? I think you know by our e-mails how I feel about this kind of stuff. Excellent sweetie. I need to make a gyno appt. too. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for mid-June….Yikes. Have you done that one yet?
    Ah-ha… I’ve had three of them, but I still may need a hug. ~Joy

  4. Adele, we have the same take on getting these tests done. I had to talk firmly to myself, and I had to schedule them all at one time so I couldn’t talk myself out of them. We both know this is a wise thing to do, even if we hate to do it!

  5. bod….all I need now is a beard…. *G*
    A “dexa” test is a bone density test. I’m of an age where doctors want to be treating calcium loss. I most likely have lost about two inches in height. I used to be 5’8″ and I came in at 5’7″ with shoes on when they measured me on Tuesday. Elegante Mother has what they used to call a “dowager’s hump,” so if loss of calcium can be considered a genetic thing, I could be in line for it.
    Right now I’m not terribly disposed to taking the drugs that they will suggest. I’ll have to read up to see if there are any alternatives.

  6. Thank you, Joy, thank you! I’ve had my dreaded base-line colonoscopy and everything was fine. Unfortunately, because EM has had colon cancer, my doc wants me to do this test every three years. They didn’t have the date of the first test in my folder, so I have to contact the hospital to find out how long it’s been.
    This test doesn’t hurt, and I don’t seem to have a problem with the preparation for it. I just am not thrilled with the idea of it. It’s like all those other tests that I scheduled all at once. Get it over with, and have peace of mind for the next year (three years). I’ll be happy to stand by with hugs in mid June. Just let me know when you need the support!

  7. Buffy, please take that bone density test results very, very seriously. My mother has that bone thing, osteoporosis. Although she took medication for it for years she is in great pain since one of her vertibrae has collapsed with it. So, please be careful to take suitable medication to make sure you don’t end up with something similar.

  8. My first question was what a “Dexa” test was. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who didn’t have a clue!

  9. Bogie, I think you and bod are roughly close in age. You’ll both hear more about the dexa test when you have gone through menopause, because it’s at that point where the docs begin checking on your calcium situation.

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