Hearing, or Not…

It appears that hearing is becoming an issue for more than just Elegante Mother. Now, if I want to talk with Dear Husband, I need his attention. I’d LIKE to say that I’m fine, but it’s possible that I’ve lost some of my hearing as well.
It occurred to me that we should be learning sign language. (To Dear Husband: NO, not THAT kind of sign language!) If our hearing continues to deteriorate, we may need to be able to sign to communicate.
I hear a high pitched electrical white noise, especially when the house is quiet, or when I’m drifting off to sleep. At one time in my life, I was a grade school band director, so I’m not surprised to find that I may be loosing my hearing. Dear Husband has worked on construction sites for most of his life, around all sorts of saws and mixers. I’m sure the noise has hurt his hearing.
It’s time we both had our hearing tested.
Then, when he leads me astray, and I ask,”What!?” I can smack him for his awful puns!