Green Grows My Garden…

And purple and lavender and pink and yellow and gold….
I was working in my veggie garden this morning. I planted two well established tomato plants, one a Celebrity, and the other is a cherry tomato. I planted four tiny yellow pear tomato plants, and two Better Boys. I have one more cherry tomato plant to put into that bed. I’ve got cages around all but the Better Boys so far. I planted four bush-style pickle cucumbers. Does anyone know if they need to be caged for support?
I watered everything I planted and all the plants waiting to be planted, and the containers that I wintered over. I even watered the plants I put in two weeks ago under the window at the front of the house. The only thing I missed was the parsley plants the rabbits have been enjoying.
I had a chance to see all the weeding that STILL needs to be done, so that I can plant the annuals in the front gardens. I need DH’s help in the herb garden to move one timber into place, and then I can finish planting in the herb garden. I have tomato plants left over, and I’m giving some thought to growing them in containers. I HATE to throw things away, but it might be the better choice,given that the chipmunks have a colony and have invited ALL their relatives for the summer along the front sidewalk. They’ll probably burrow into the pots and kill off the plants.
I thought we’d have a pretty poor iris display this year, but it’s coming along nicely. I was in the midst of dividing my absolute favorite iris when Mother had a seizure. I found homes for most of them with friends and family, but I think mine were out of the ground too long. I’ll have to see how they do. Right now I have one iris that is yellow, another than is a delicate pink, one very ruffled one that is white with a raspberry edge on the petals. I think several dark ones will open later in the season.
I have an azalea, a hydrangea, two buddleias, a Russian sage, and a miniature lilac to plant, and I think the rhubarb that wintered over is going to become part of an ornamental garden! I also need to pick up potting soil and refill the containers for the sidewalk, so I can get them planted.
MY peonies are astonishing. I didn’t protect them with compost last fall, and I haven’t fed them, but the temperatures and the rain must have been just right because they have more buds than I can ever remember seeing!
So, with the exception of a bad knee holding me back from weeding, I’d say we’re moving right along with the gardens. I hope you’re having the same good luck!

4 thoughts on “Green Grows My Garden…

  1. OMG, Buffy, you HAD to remind me of all the things I’ve yet to do and all of the things that I SHOULD do, but hadn’t even planned to do. A pox on you! *giggling*
    Your garden sounds great. Don’t mind my drooling.

  2. A POX on me!? Some friend you are! (grins)
    It’s not done, not by a long shot, C.C. I’m going to beg my stepson for help with 8 gallon-
    sized shrubs that need to be planted soon. I hope he’ll give me a hand. My knee is killing me and all the up and down and kneeling is going to make it worse.
    And I can’t count the times you have been a full season ahead of me in your gardening, while I grit my teeth and waited for warmer weather to show up.
    I bet your gardens are lovely, or have you been too busy taking pictures of birds at the feeders? *G*

  3. The irises have been gorgeous; but, because they look about the same as last time I took photos of them, I’ve just not expended the effort this year. I need to get out there NOW while it is cool. We’re supposed to have another scorcher, today. Like you, I don’t do well in the heat – and – as you mentioned, we are weeks ahead of you in the seasons. (Send stepson!)

  4. I know…I have so many pictures of past year;s gardens, that I haven’t taken any this year. I may shoot a few pictures of the iris, just to show what color resides where.
    I have to beg and plead to get Stepson to help. Like his Dad, SS is not into gardening unless there’s some kind of emergency. The emergency this time is that the knee that I blew out a couple of years ago is acting up, and it’s very painful to kneel on it. So, I went hat in hand, asking for help. I hope the weather holds so that he can get the shrubs in before rain moves back in. Should get the shrubs settled in nicely.

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