Between quilting and rainy days, I have not been in the gardens enough this spring. I had the pleasure of shopping for plants today, and hope to get some “dirt therapy” tomorrow.
The NW corner of the herb garden needs to be weeded and then I can plant the lemon verbena and scented geraniums. I’ll check on the seeds that I planted a few weeks ago. From the kitchen window I can see zinnias coming up, but I need to walk out to check the things I’ve planted in the veggie beds. I wasn’t good about keeping them watered, so I might have wasted seeds and time there.
I need more Homestead Purple verbena. I’d like carpets of it in two more parts of the gardens. I want to line the sidewalk with alyssum, and set out pots with lantana and ivy and ornamental peppers in a deep purple shade. I need to get a purple sweet potato vine, too.
I have TONS of weeding to do. Thank goodness we got a lot of rain this week. It will make things easier to pull. It’s time to begin working in the gardens between 5:30 and 7:30 in the morning. The heat will drive me inside, as it did earlier this week. Still, it’s nice to be able to play in the dirt again!