It’s been a sad week at Chez Buffy.  My second sister lost her significant other a week ago, and his wake was held Tuesday, his funeral was Wednesday.  My oldest sister, My-Sister-The-Nurse is visiting her daughter in England, and as the matriarch of the family, she would normally be the one of us to organize the family to support our sister.   Since she has taken a friend with her, there was no question of her returning.   Dear Husband and I stepped up to be sure there was a family presence.  I wish more of us had been able to attend.   My sister is so very frail.  I worry for her.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your sister’s loss and her frailness. With you and your DH for support, she has a much better chance of regaining her balance. Sympathies and best wishes to her.

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