I was in the office and Dear Husband was off on an errand, when the phone rang. DH called and told me to look out the front window at the pear tree. I went to look. Two female deer were eating pears that had fallen to the ground. I watched for some time, and wondered if they had waved at DH as he drove down the driveway. Then, from stage left, DH slowly drove past the deer. One looked at him, as if to say, “Buzz off! I found them first!” The other deer was a little more skittish, and moved further away from the driveway. But, both deer were there, eating, for some time.
Either they are very young and inexperienced, or they are very hungry. They could be both, I suppose. It’s quite uncommon to see deer out in daylight hours like this. There were at least three hours of daylight left. Our lot is not manicured. There is a lot of cover for the wildlife, and I know they move through our lot to the forest preserve south of us. I hoped that if I was quiet, they would move around the house to find the birdseed that had been dropped on the ground, or they might even prune the sage for me. The apples must have satisfied them, because they left the herb garden alone.