It’s not supposed to be this cold in the middle of November!

Yesterday they said it would be 22 degrees in our area at the peak heat for the day, but with wind gusts up to 30 mph, it was going to feel more like 1 degree.  Just 1 degree due to windchill.

We’re bundled up, but I need to search for gloves and scarves.  I don’t usually wear a hat, but if it’s really bad, I’ll loop my scarf up over my head, and pull up the hood on my coat.

I know that there is more reasonable weather coming, but we’ve already had measurable snow (on Sunday), so I think we need to begin hunkering in.  I think I may add some things to our pantry, so that we can make meals without having to brave the icy fang to shop.

3 thoughts on “COLD!!!

  1. I’ve been thinking of you when they keep discussing the lake effect snow in your area. We got about 2.5″ Sunday morning (yay! snow ice cream for breakfast and for lunch!) – low temp about 14 or 15 degrees F with about 10 mph wind. Yesterday morning it was in the single digits with not-much wind. The streets/sidewalks aren’t clear enough to run/walk on; but, the jr high school track is clear – or so HH tells me. I’ve been using a treadmill instead of trying it.

  2. Hey, CC! I’m happy to tell you that we don’t get much in the way of lake effect snow out in the western Chicago suburbs. Mostly the cities in Indiana at the south end of the lake, and the western edge of Michigan catch hell. I’m VERY glad not to live there in the winter. Those people REALLY know the concept of “hunkering down!”

  3. People tell me that the lake effect doesn’t spread far west. I guess I have to believe it, now that you’ve confirmed. Thanks.

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