Checking in – January 25

Wow, this has been an busy month!  Dear Husband has continued with his physical therapy, and he’s had visits with several doctors (repeatedly) as they keep track of the progress of his knee.  He had an x-ray the other day to determine if the bones in his knee are still in the appropriate places.

In addition to health issues, DH has decided to join me in morning exercise.  My class loves him, although I don’t know why.  He’s very quiet at class.  I suppose I’ve talked about him so much that they feel as though they know him.

I’ve finished the top of one quilt, and may get a second one sewn together this afternoon.  The backing of that first quilt has been pieced.  I want to contact my long-arm quilter to see if she will take on this project.

Yesterday, My-Sister-The-Nurse, DH and I visited a food service supply house called “Schweppes,” to buy utensils and pots for the kitchen.  Then we went to “Ki’s” for lunch.  DH ordered saganaki, which we all shared.  We all had baked onion soup and salad,but we each chose a different salad:  Chopped salad for sis, Greek salad for DH, and Cobb salad for me.  We all brought salad home and had it for dinner!  Of course, the best part of the day  was the time I had with my sister!

DH has resumed driving at long last, so he took himself off to his last physical therapy session.  I’m going to clear off the counter in the kitchen, have some lunch and then go to the studio for a bit.  I’d like to get that next quilt ready to be quilted.

This weekend most of the Christmas decorations will go downstairs.  I still have wreaths and swags outside, but I’ll wait until this coming week to take them down.  We had our first measurable snow this morning, all of one inch.  The snow will melt this weekend, and then I’ll take the greens down.

Tax season is coming up, so I’ll need to go through our data and receipts. Ugh!

I’ve started crocheting squares for charity once more.  It’s pleasant to sit with DH in the evening, wrapped in a quilt, crocheting.

A week from today my quilting bee will come for Souper Supper.  I make soup, and they all bring a side to share.  I love having dinner with these ladies.  You can bet the conversation will be great and the meal tasty.

And that’s about all I have to share..  I hope that your days are full, and that you are doing what you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Checking in – January 25

  1. Thanks for the update, Buffy. Hunky Husband had just asked how your DH was doing following his surgery. You’ve been busy, busy; but, we’re glad to hear that DH is doing well.

    P.S. If you leave the Christmas decorations up, they can add to the cheer when people start trooping through as possible buyers. *cheeky laughter*

  2. Sounds like you and your DH are doing well and keeping busy. The soup and salad lunch sounds fabulous and it’s always great to have leftovers!

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