Dear Husband has been invited to attend the Girl Scout Dad and Grand Dad Masquerade Dance.  Two of our three granddaughters are in scouting, so both Dad and DH are going.

Dear Husband went out yesterday to Party CIty.  All on his own he decided that he is going as Gumby, the tall green character in a children’s stop-action Claymation series.  He tried the  costume on and immediately discovered that it’s made for someone seven feet tall!  I need to do a little hemming.

P.S.      The link doesn’t work, but if you go to Google and type in   ” Gumby ”  it will lead you to several You Tube entries.  Click on the one from 1967 called “Gumby and Pokey Intro.”

P.P.S.  Pictures to follow!

Moving RIght Along

Progress!  we’re making progress!

The electricians came yesterday and today, and have a bit more to do tomorrow.  My quilting workshop is now bathed in light!  Dear Husband has the plugs he wanted in the basement.  We have more light in our closet and a fan in our sitting room.  Tomorrow they will determine why a closet fixture is not lighting, and they will add lighting in the garage.

Thursday, the painter will return to finish our bedroom, the bathroom and the laundry room.

I HOPE the carpet will come next week, before the bookcases are ready to be installed.  At that point all but the living room will be complete, and we plan to take some time choosing furnishings for the living room.

Dear Husband has been very eager to get my cookbooks set up.  The shelves arrived last week, and he’s been unpacking boxes of books.  I thought I’d given away more of them. According to a blog entry by Helen Fletcher, my kitchen is still fairly well equipped, despite downsizing.

We’re using family antiques and favorite items to decorate.  I think our home is going to be very comfortable!


We have a tiny pocket lawn, with a narrow strip of garden in the back that has a variety of trees, grasses, shrubs and perennials.  One of the maples has a tiny bit of color here and there.

At our last home we raked up leaves and saved them to use as mulch or compost.  Here, there’s very little room to compost.  I was happy to receive an information page with my water bill that told me how we will be dealing with our leaves.  It seems that we will rake the leaves toward the street, mounding them up on the lawn side of the curb.  We are warned NOT to rake them into the street, as they will clog the gutters.  Apparently the city workers make the rounds, sucking up the leaves and carting them away.  I don’t know where they go.  Yet.

The good thing about this is that the leaf pickup is free.  The bad thing is that we work on the village schedule, not on nature’s.  Still, it’s a good deal.  I better go double check on those pickup dates!

#!$*& Squirrel

Last Thursday, I spent the better part of the day on my hands and knees planting iris from our previous home, as well as three plants my sister gave us as a house-warming gift.  I discovered that the dirt here is the pits.  It’s heavy clay filled with pebbles from house construction.  I pulled the heavy layer of mulch back, and dug holes large enough to accommodate three chunks of iris, added bonemeal and a little potting soil and nestled them into their new homes.

We left for a wedding in Cleveland the following day.  I hoped the weather would be kind to the plants because I really want to have this bit of my previous gardens follow us to the new house.

Monday night, Dear Husband was grilling our dinner and commented that some of the plants had been disrupted.  I said I’d take a look at it, and forgot about it.  The next morning, my sister was here to help unload the POD, and she said, “Look at that squirrel!  He just pulled that plant out and is rolling around with it!”   Sure enough.  It had pulled the plant right out of the ground, and when it realized it wasn’t tasty, ran off to do some more damage.

Every single plant that I had put into the ground had been ripped out!  I’ve re-planted them, but I think I need  to spray them with a red pepper spray to discourage visitors.  A friend on Facebook suggested scattering mothballs.

There was an old tennis ball in the back yard.  I thought it might have been a dog toy that came over the fence.  Now, I think it might have been for squirrel re-training.  If I’d had it nearby when I saw that miserable rodent, I would have winged it right at it!


I have reconnected with a friend recently whom I  met in my “chatting” days, ten and more years ago.  I was very new to using the computer as social media, and friends directed me to a program called “ICQ.”   You could say that this was a fore-runner of Facebook.  You were assigned a number, and you could share it with friends if you wanted to converse electronically.

Today, as I was working in the office, going through boxes of STUFF, I came across a notebook with information including ICQ numbers and nicknames.  So, for QT, here’s a list of names that should be a blast from the past!

Ghoster, Angie, Cali, Janie, Night Stryke, BuDmaNN, Buck, FireNIce, 6 pack, birdie, Brown Eyes, Contessa, cookie monster, blackadder, Darlene, DeSade, DocH, Dr. Morpheus, Highlander, TickleMeErnie, Fantasy, Fox, hayla, Huckfinn, JeanieUK, Jet, Lady Jade, Lady Gweniver, LaLady, Lexi, Lynda, Clark Kent, Male, Me2, Mountain Man, Damm, niner9r, Ray, Ruby, Rudder, Skydyvr, son, StrawberryNcream, Stretch, Sugar, suzieq, Sylvie, tessa,Tex20, TIgress, WildCat, Rachel, and DorieNRod.

I have Ghoster, Buck, Fox and his wife, Allison, Jet, suzieq, tessa and Tex20 on Facebook.  I believe at least one of our friends on this list has passed away, perhaps more.  It’s been so long since I talked to anyone on ICQ that I don’t know if it even exists any longer.

QT, I hope these names brought you some pleasant memories.


Moving Day #2

Or maybe that’s Moving Day # 4.  The van lines moved us to our new home on August 4th and we have been moving things around, and in place since then.  Tomorrow, the POD company will be delivering the last of our belongings.  They will move a sixteen foot long POD onto our driveway, and we will spend the next couple of days decanting it into our garage.

Most of what is in the POD we boxed up 16 months go when we first put our home on the market.  There are at least fifty boxes of books, and two sets of china in the pod.  Beyond some kitchen things and some winter clothes, I actually don’t remember what else we will find.  THAT tells you that we should be able to part with a lot of what will be delivered.

The food processor, the blender, a very large box (or two) of yarn and the china.  Oh, and a curtain rod for one of my quilts.  That’s what I hope I’ll find!

I’ll be back when we finish the unloading.

Diagramming Sentences

I visited Facebook this morning and found a post by one of my nieces showing a diagram of the opening sentence of Franz Kaftka’s “Metamorphosis.”  In the post she asked if her readers remembered diagramming sentences.  I do!

Actually, I find that diagramming sentences helps to provide clarity of thought when you are writing.  I rarely do it any longer, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to resume the practice.

What astonished me was that the National Council of Teachers of English announced in 1985 that they feel diagramming is a “deterrent to the improvement of students’ speaking and writing.”  Wouldn’t you think that anything that promoted clarity in the use of language would be beneficial?

I was not an English teacher, but I disagree with their opinion.


Our tiny lot is being groomed, today.  A crew has been pulling weeds, pruning shrubs, adding mulch and removing one eyesore of a plant.  When they are done with the garden, i expect them to mow the lawn.

Dear Husband hopes to be able to turn the mowing over to them.  We have such a tiny lawn, that we should be able to do it, but his heart is not in lawn care.  The lawnmower should return from the repair shop today, so we’ll see what happens.

While we were between houses, I farmed out my house plants and eleven pots of iris and other outdoor garden plants.  Once the men finish the gardens, I’ll need to get out and get the iris planted.  I also have three plants that my youngest sister gave me, in pots of her own making!  There’s a blue salvia, a bellflower, and a lovely variegated hosta that need to be planted.

I’ll still have the opportunity to get my fingers dirty, but I appreciate the push to get things into shape, today.


Can you feel it when a sneeze is on the way?  Do they burst right out, or do they take a while to wind up?

We have a lot of fans in our new home, and plan to have more.  While the air-conditioning is out, sitting beneath a ceiling fan has saved us many an afternoon.  But, I realized that occasionally the fan makes me sneeze, especially in the dining room with the ceiling fan on a “high” setting.  What is it about air rushing past you as you eat or drink that might make you sneeze?

Out of the blue two days ago, I started sneezing.  I must have sneezed ten times before it stopped.  Usually I am one of those people who sneeze three times in a row.  I wonder why we have habits like that?  I really need to surf the subject, when I have more time.

For now, I’m going to blame cleaning supplies and the dust of a house that has not been well-cleaned for years as the cause of most of my sneezing.


Not the rainy day kind, but the kind you step under to start your morning.  We’ve been staying at a “budget motel” while waiting for our belongings to be delivered to the new house.  Tonight is our last night, and we’ve been here two weeks.

Dear Husband is a tad bit shorter than I am, so this didn’t bother him much, but our shower has apparently been designed  for those who are about 4’11” tall.  I have to tilt my head back as far as I can to wash my hair.  The flow of water is fine.  The temperature is fine.  My only complaint is that the shower head is a bit low.

Now, I understand that I could have turned around and dropped my head forward, but I’m a bear of little brain, and I’m very much a creature of habit.  It took me until today to figure out the other options.

I was at the new house, cleaning, today, when I realized that Dear Husband is going to have the opposite problem with the shower head in our new bathroom.  It’s been hung high enough so that someone about 6’4” could wash their hair without having to bend their knees.  Again, good water flow and temperature, but the height of the fixture might be a problem.

I guess I’ll have to put a trampoline in the shower.  ;-)