A friend from exercise suggested today that we should start a book club. I’ve never joined a book club, and I resisted the radio and TV groups when they popped up.

I’m interested, now. I have been reading fiction that doesn’t require my full brain to be in gear. Sometimes I find myself re-writing a book as I read it….guessing where the author may be going, and writing my own version in my mind.
I went to my computer when I came home, and I have the 16 books from the Kathy & Judy book club on WGNRadio in Chicago, as well as six of the books from the Oprah book club.
I’m looking for other suggestions to bring to the table the first night we meet.
What would YOU want to read if you were starting a book club?
I would prefer not to read technical manuals, Cop Car. And, I’d rather read fiction than non-fiction, but I could be persuaded to change my mind on that choice.
I’m wondering just what to expect. Will I find people who talk about the author’s craft in writing the story? Will some of the members compare the book to what’s happening in their life? Will others want to delve into character development? I haven’t a clue as to what to expect!

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  1. It took me a couple of minutes to get my laughter under control. You shot me down before I even got off of the ground, Buffy! (I guess this means that you don’t want to suggest “The Great Influenza”?)
    The only book club meeting that I’ve attended was when I was 14 or 15. A librarian with whom I worked held a meeting of her science-fiction book club (Kansas City MO). Knowing that I inhaled the stuff, she invited me to attend. An author read us a chapter of a book that he was writing. It became a best seller, as I recall.
    Evanovich, Buffy–or is that too “light”? Margaret Atwood. But, you already know the sort of stuff that I like.

  2. hey….as long as it’s not a tech manual…. (grinning) I’m glad you got a laugh out of my blog.
    You’d be happy to know that Margaret Atwood is on the list (The Handmaid’s or Handmaiden’s Tale….I can’t recall the proper title)
    I didn’t think to suggest Evanovich, but we might be able to slip one of the Stephanie Plum stories in.
    I hadn’t thought about inviting an author to read their work. It’s something to consider once we are established.
    I’ll publish the list of books that have been suggested when I get a moment.

  3. I usually call it “Handmaiden”, but I believe it is actually “Handmaid”. Get Fred (First) to come read some of HIS stuff. He would have audio-visuals to go with. Or, have Ronni bring one of her writings (she’s surely working on a book that we know nothing about!) Just don’t send me the bills for transportation and lodging–LOL.

  4. Ohhh…..if Fred is bringing pictures of the area around his house, that would be a wonderful meeting. I bet Ronni has something up her sleeve that we’d enjoy. You’d have to come in for the meeting just so you could meet her.

  5. For a great hilarious read, I recommend
    The Tourist Season by Carl Hiassen (his first) and then read all the rest of his books. Some characters a reoccuring.

  6. I picked up “Sick Puppy” by Hiassen. My mother read it and made one of those “disgusting book” faces, so it went to my reading list. I guess I better dig it out again. Thanks for the recommendations, Sue!

  7. Sue….I tried to post this at your blog: OUCH!!! You’re fortunate to have such good friends. Help getting to the orthopedist and help with the phone were wonderful, but CHOCOLATE!?? That man is a treasure. I hope that you heal well and swiftly.
    Do you have to have an account at Blogger to be able to leave comments?
    I sure hope not.

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