Spring is ready to bloom

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I can see daffodils just waiting for one slightly warmer day to burst into bloom! The daylilies are coming up nicely, as are the tulips. The crocus are still in bloom, but the cold, windy weather has been hard on them. Some of the larger ones have been blown over, or perhaps the raccoons have trampled them.

The chives have greened up and I can see starts of feverfew in the herb garden. The forsythia is taking on a golden hue. I hope to do a little trimming in the gardens next week. I need to cut down purple coneflower stems from last year, as well as chrysanthemums and verbena.

Wednesday afternoon I spent about 90 minutes raking gravel out of the lawn. Dear Husband had to plow the drive this winter and he managed to deposit a good portion of the drive on the lawn. We've both worked at this project off and on for a week or so. DH moves the heavier stuff, and then I come along with a leaf rake and get the finer pebbles. I've managed to thatch that portion of the lawn at the same time. We still have a bit to do, but I think we are two-thirds through the project. It will be time to sow some grass seed soon.

This weekend I plan to start my spinach test. I have conflicting information on how early to start spinach seed out of doors in my hardiness zone so I'm starting seed in large containers this week and next, and then in the raised veggie beds in three weeks. I should be able to get an idea what conditions will work for spinach seed starting, so that I can get an early crop started next year.

I'm going to see if I can buy some pansies to plant near the front door for Easter. We need a little color to welcome our guests, and they should be hardy enough to cope with the cool weather.

I hope you're all getting the chance to get out and work in your gardens. I know it's rushing the year a bit, but I have cabin fever, and really need to play in the dirt. Happy Spring to you all!


Sounds wonderful! I'll probably start some seeds today. I too am unsure when to set out "greens" in my area. I know they are cool weather crops, but that's just not real helpful! I'm sure both of us will figure it out just fine though.

Happy gardening!

Bogie, I think my spinach test is going to go awry. They just announced that Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be in the lower 70s! I'm going to go ahead and plant in containers, both this week and next, because I know the temperature will drop again, but I'll get some skewed results this year! Still, I'm ready for fresh spinach!

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