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Cop Car, Do You Remember....

...this fabric??

Jacobean Fabrics.jpg

One of the pleasures of quilting is being able to occasionally share fabric with a quilting friend. I was at my favorite store last year, and saw a line of beautiful fabrics with a Jacobean look. I bought some, and on a spur of the moment decision, bought some for my friend, Cop Car. I know she loves fabric, but we've never had the chance to quilt together, so I'm just learning about her taste in fabric. It seems that I was a bit restrained. She loves the bright fabric that I'm just learning to incorporate into my quilts

So, I've been struggling to find a more modern way to set the fabrics so they weren't so very restrained. Fons & Porter have a set of templates that can be used to cut Drunkard's Path blocks, and they featured a very modern wall hanging based on block that were cut with these templates. A light went on over my head!

This is what a sample block looks like:
Curved Piecing Block.jpg

I've created about 30 blocks. It was a fun Saturday night, cutting and snipping, and sewing and cutting a bit more. I've laid out twenty of the blocks on the table to get a feel for what they might look like:

20 Curved Blocks.jpg

I tried several arrangements, and finally sewed the blocks together Sunday. Now I have to decide what border and binding fabric to use. Something simple, I think, that won't draw your eyes away from the blocks. I was thinking about adding a few jet beads here and there to give it a little sparkle.

What do you think? Is this a dog, or can I share it with my friends??

When the top is done, I'll post a picture of it.

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i like this buffy, it really draws the eye.

Cop Car:

Ooh, wow! That top really has pizzaz! My only "advice" would be that the top doesn't appear to need "...a little sparkle". Maybe it is different in person, but the design is striking and pleasing--without addition--on the screen. Well done! (Of course, I remember the beautiful fabrics, Kitty. You have such great taste!)


Thank you, ladies!

On Sunday, I cut out the parts for a second wallhanging using the same fabrics, and today I laid the pieces out on a "Quilt Wall." It's a large sheet of heavy flannel that allows you to position and reposition fabrics before you sew them together. What's really nice is that I can roll it up, and the patchwork will stay in place until I can get back to sew it. I'll have pictures of it when it's further along.

I have a third wallhanging of this fabric that is fermenting in my brain....not far enough along yet to really talk about.

Cop Car:

What a tease, you are!


(batting my eyelashes) Where's that emoticon when you need it?


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