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Fall Gardens

2004 Sept Sidewalk 2.jpg

This is a view of the garden at our front door. The sidewalk is brick, and the verbena and ornamental grass must love the heat it retains, because this year they are trying to meet in the middle.

It won't be long before this will all be taken by frost, and I'll have to cut it back for the winter. The mats of verbena will last the longest. Lilies have already gone.

In the center of the picture, if you look closely, there are dahlias. We have Victoria Blue salvia, chrysanthemums, lavender, several kinds of ornamental grass, a Palace Purple huchera, one poor dying rose, LOADS of iris, coreopsis, vinca, day lilies and several other things I've planted that I can't identify! This garden is at it's best in late May, but it's not too shabby this Fall.

Closer to the door, there are a dozen pots of plants. I've encouraged my mother to take over the container gardening, so that she can keep her hand in as a gardener. I have a pot of herbs, and she has filled the rest with Million bells, snapdragons, coleus, sweet potato vines, small mums, petunias, straw flowers, geraniums and a dozen other plants.

Variety is the spice of life! We may not be elegantely coordinated, but we certainly enjoy the variety.

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Cop Car:

Beautiful photo, Buffy. Didn't think that you could make it look as good on the screen as it did in person, but you did it!


Thanks, Cop Car. I'm finally getting the hang of the scanner and the editing program, but I have a lot to learn.


It looks absolutely lovely Buffy. You say that it is not elegantly coordinated but I must disagree. If it had been me there would have been substantial flashes of red or brilliant pink as well but your scheme doesn't need them. It looks really attractive, elegant and welcoming - just what you want by your front door.



Bless you, Adele! I have a long way to go to be as adept as a trained landscaper, but I've found a few things that work for us.

My mother would have voted for the flashes of red....I'd take hot pink! lol

It's so beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous! I dislike gardening, myself --- but absolutely enjoy admiring others results.

OMG - I need you to come over and work on my flower gardens, they will never be half as nice as what you have created!


Thank you, BW and Jenniy.

Des, I'm getting to dislike weeding more each year. I bought compost last year, and mulch this year, and I plan to layer them heavily this fall, to see if I can cut down on some of the weeding. Then I might enjoy my gardening a bit more.

Bogie, that's not what Cop Car has to say. She said you've done extensive work, and that it's lovely! Not that I wouldn't enjoy having the chance to garden with a friend, but I think you're probably too modest! *S* I want to see pictures of the Iris, and the bulbs next spring!

Cop Car:

This I gotta see: Bogie & Buffy working together! That should be enough to set the world spinning faster--absorbing all of the energy that you two would expend. You'd each enjoy the other in person, I'll vow.
We need to see how many plants survive the critters this winter, but if most of the plants survive, it will be a gorgeous spring in NH and in Chicago.

Nice looking front entrance Buffy.

Bogie, and Cop Car....I'll have to throw my oldest and youngest sisters into this mix. Neither of them have stop buttons. Both of them have given me time in the gardens which was invaluable. I figure between the four of us, we could beautify the landscape of the entire US!

Doc, thanks for your kind comments. *S*


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