A Blast From The Past

I was delighted to receive an e-mail from a friend with whom I used to chat when I was new to the computer.  It’s probably close to 15 years since that group broke up.  I’ve lost contact with many of them, but I’m glad to say there are still a few who visit now and then.

QT sent me a note, asking if I still blogged.  I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but if this is a way for us to keep in touch, I’d be happy to try to resume.  Of course, all my comments these days have been about the sale of our house, but in time that should ease.

Welcome, QT!  I hope that we’ll have the chance to visit with some of our other friends, too.

4 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past

  1. Although I like FB for the easy delivery of news on what is going on in people’s lives, I really like blog posts as they are usually more in depth.

  2. I’m so glad to be back in better touch with my old friend. I had always loved reading your Blogg and plan on spending time reading some of the post I missed!!!

    • I’ll have to get busy, QT, and get back to writing. I’m glad we’re in touch again!

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