300 Cubits?

Wasn’t that one of the dimensions of the Ark that God told Noah to build?  I wonder if we have a modern day Noah in the area?  I have not seen rain like this for at least 15 years, when we got 17 inches of rain in 24 hours.

We have had continual rain, interspersed with thunderstorms and magnificent amounts of rain over brief times.  We’ve had a little hail, and LOTS of lightening.  This is the type of storm we have needed in shorter spans for the past several years, when, instead, we have had visions of the Mojave.   It’s really too bad that the ground is so saturated now that the rain can only pool and run off.

On the north side of the house there is a raised herb garden.  Originally, it was planned that there would be an area dug out to channel any water from the herb garden and the area to the north, around the west side of the house.  Instead of a wide channel, there is a narrow trench there, which we call the “Trout Farm,” that needs to be widened.  We planned to lay gravel in the bottom of the trench, and anchor black plastic pipes to help with the water run off.  The sump that pumps from the north side of the house is tied into this system.

The Trout Farm needs to be re-christened the “Trout LAKE.”  We have ponds of water standing through out the grove and to the west of the house.  I’m pleased to tell you that our basement is dry.  We have a double submersible sump pump system, so should one burn out, the other will pick up the slack.  Our house is almost at the highest point on our lot, so what water there is doesn’t have the chance to build up force running toward the house.

I’m sitting in the office, and I just noticed that cars are slowing down on the road.  I’ll bet you money that the two retention ponds have not been able to deal with the rain and have risen to meet on the road!  That’s a LOT of rain!  I suspect that we have a lot of neighbors with walk in basements who could go swiming in their own homes right now.

Where ever you are, I hope you are riding out these storms, and are safe and dry!

One thought on “300 Cubits?

  1. Good grief, Gertrude! You and your neighbors are getting soggy/boggy! I’m very glad to hear that your home isn’t showing problems. This is the perfect opportunity to show prospective buyers that you are having no problems in your basement.

    Is your second sump pump, as is ours, battery powered? Supposedly, our secondary pump would operate for 6-8 hours were the power to fail. Fortunately, we’ve not had to time it.

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