Yesterday was our nineteenth anniversary! I am embarrassed to admit it, but I almost forgot. Had we not received an absolutely gorgeous card from my sister, Frankie, it might have slipped by unnoticed. I would have remembered in a week or so.
Our business has been on my mind. The economy has really hurt us. There are companies, large and small, falling around us, throwing in the towel because there just is not enough work to sustain them. We have pared down. We are cutting expenses to the bone, and we respond to every request we receive for a bid.
I was invited to lunch TWICE last week. I virtually never go out to lunch, but I had invitations on both Thursday and Friday. Thursday, I met with our CPA. She’s a dear friend, who I don’t see as often as I would like, so these occasional lunches are our time to catch up. She is a great networker, and we talked about networking over our meal. It turned out that she had a lunch date set up with the woman who is our lawyer. She is also heavily into networking.
I thought about them as I started my day on Friday, and at the end of exercise class, I mentioned our company, and asked if they would keep their ears open for anyone needing masonry work. Two women called me later that day with requests for information!
Lunch on Friday was with a group of women from the Empty Nesters at Elegante Mother’s church. We visited the Emerson Creek Pottery and had a fabulous meal. I asked if they would consider letting me post a note about the company through their e-mail.
I have a quilting bee that meets once a month. One of the woman called this week to arrange for DH to look over some work that needed to be done at their house.
I e-mailed the queen of our Red Hat Chapter and she gave me several contacts to pursue. She had been involved in real estate, and recommended several associations which might give me more ways to network.
And, I talked with our lawyer, and mentioned her upcoming luncheon with our CPA. I told her we were looking for work, and that I planned to put together a PR brochure in-house to send to contractors. She suggested that I provide her with several of the packets, so that she could distribute them among her contacts.
Frankly, I was astonished at the support I received from my friends. My goal was to keep our company name on people’s minds, and I think this might work. I didn’t realize that I had so many contacts
So, you can see that I had a lot on my mind this week. I have an entire year to get ready for our twentieth anniversary, so I think I’ll try to plan something special.